Hello eveybody! I’m mighty glad to meet you.

“A day late and a dollar short.”

That old saying partially describes how I feel starting a new Disney related blog in 2015. Aren’t there enough already?
So why am I starting one?  Because I love Disney first of all!  I also feel that I have something to contribute as a “Disney Dad.”   I follow a lot of Disney related news sites and blogs. There is a lot of great content out there but I feel that the demographic that is under-represented by all of these sites is (ironically) that of non annual passholding families with young children.  Sure there are sites that try to address this with parenting panels or the like but the majority of the people churning out (albeit great) articles are older without kids at home, or jet-setting 20-somethings with lots of cash and time to burn. While I love these sites, and the articles they contribute, sometimes I find myself wanting to hear from someone who deals with similar challenges as I.
So what do I want to accomplish with the blog?  I don’t have any ground-breaking ideas – just a different perspective.  I’d like to answer questions like the following:

  • How do you “do” (visit regularly) Disney Parks when you live in the fly-over states, have a large family, and are a cheapskate?
  • Once you’re at a Disney Park with a large family and a tight budget how do you maximize your enjoyment?
  • How do you “do” Disney at home in-between vacations?


While doing all this I’ll also throw in some movie & book reviews, Disney food recipes, and any other Disney-related goodness I can think of.

So that’s it for the “why” – Stay tuned for the “who” where I tell you a little about myself.

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